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Bongos Pizza

Delicious thin base pizza with a herbed tomato sauce

base, generously topped with fresh ingredients and

cheese and cooked to order in our wood fire pizza oven.

THE CLASSICS FOCCACIA R57 Olive oil, garlic and feta MARGARITA R59 Tomato base topped with cheese REGINA R73 Ham and mushroom HAWAIIAN R73 Ham and pineapple VEGETARIAN R81 Spinach, garlic, feta and mushroom Suggested extra: Bacon or Pulled Pork BAREFOOT R91 Chicken, bacon, mushroom and spinach HAPPY DAYZ R81 Bacon and feta Suggested extra: Avocado (when available) CHICKEN MAYO R92 Chicken mayo, onion and mushroom SANTORINI R97 Salami, feta and olives Suggested extra: Chicken and/or Garlic MEXICAN R85 Mince, jalapenos and fresh chilli MIGHTY MEATY R135 Bacon, chicken, pulled pork, mushrooms,               onions and green peppers


THE TEXAN R112 Deliciously juicy, roasted and pulled pork              cooked in Bongos BBQ sauce on a tomato              base, scattered with sweet pineapple,                    green peppers and onion THE SOUTH AFRICAN R125 Succulent chunks of slow roasted lamb with                  caramelized onions on a tomato base. Suggested extra: Avocado (when available) THE OLD SCHOOL R109 Traditional babootie mince, topped with slices               of fresh banana, all on a Mrs H.S. Ball’s Original     Recipe Chutney base
THE MUSHROOM MEDLEY R117 A variety of mushrooms (shiitake/chanterelle/button/brown as available) on a tarragon and cream sauce base cooked in the pizza oven, topped with fresh rocket and Parmesan shavings with cheese (no tomato base) Suggested extra: Bacon THE MUSSEL POT R113 Fresh mussels, topped with cheese and                rocket, on a creamy white wine and garlic               sauce base (no tomato base) THE BILTONG BONANZA R103 Biltong shavings, sliced beef biltong and         caramelized onions


A heap of nacho chips, covered in melted cheese and topped with generous dollops of tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos. For the hungry one or two to share. REGULAR R79 CHICKEN NACHOS R89 BACON NACHOS R89 MIGHTY MEATY NACHOS R123 Please feel free to add any of our extra toppings to your nachos. EXTRA TOPPINGS AVOCADO RSQ BABOOTIE MINCE R27 BACON R20 BANANA R15 CARAMELIZED ONIONS R18 CHEESE R30 CHICKEN R20 FETA R18 FRESH CHILLI R15 FRESH GARLIC R15 FRESH PARMESAN R18 FRUIT CHUTNEY R15 GREEN PEPPERS R15 HAM R20 LAMB R47 MINCE R20 MUSHROOM R18 OLIVES R18 ONION R15 PEPPADEW R18 PINEAPPLE R19 PULLED PORK R33 ROCKET R18 SALAMI R27 SPINACH R15 SUNDRIED TOMATOES R18